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A company’s website can only thrive if it has the required level of followers to back them up. To put in simple terms, a website is considered to be successful only if it has several visitors. A website’s functionality and its worth is mostly decided by the rank listing that it obtains in the search engine. The term SEO can be related to anything and simply does not mean just the website that has been released by the company. Businesses and companies mostly use this SEO for the content they release on their website, the links that they share and the image that they post online, pertaining to their products and services.

SEO is the simple way of targeting your desired audience. Being a company, this must be of utmost importance to you, as this serves as a way of getting the required leads for your business. Designskulls understands the strain that you as an individual or as an owner of a business might be under, when it comes to search engine optimization for your website. Needless to say, we have the right team of people who have years of experience in SEO and those who can help you with the process.

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Fascinating SEO Facts

Nearly 9 out of 10 customers go online to search products and services.

That too, these people do not scroll through entire website but rather they tend to visit the first page for each category.

Don’t Lose Out

Coming to the point, unless your website is listed in the rankings, your customers are going to skim through and search for other websites.

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To put in simple terms, DesignSkulls make sure that we take off the load from your shoulders, so that you get to concentrate on issues that matters the most. We keep updating our website to meet the current trends and make use of all functional algorithms and methods that would help increase your website’s functionality. Our focus is on creating high quality content for your website, thereby increasing the website’s relevancy and authority.

On-Page SEO Services

Our SEO services majorly focus on establishing your presence in the rank listings. Your website’s worth can be found from the search result ranking that it has in the market. We simply do not just add keywords or content to your website to make it functional, but we rather go that extra mile to provide you with everything.

These include:
  • Sitemap creation and optimization
  • Blog setup and development
  • Meta description tags
  • Title Tag and Image Alt optimization
  • Duplicate content issues
Our Off-Page SEO Services

One more aspect that decides the popularity of your website is the number of external website links that redirect back to your website. Whenever another site is linked to your website, you remain the credible owner for that website that you have created.

You need to understand that not all website links are created equally. The only way by which you can achieve this is by creating content that is worthy enough to be shared around by the websites.

  • Co-citation and Anchor text optimization
  • Blog post creation and syndication
  • Bookmarking on social media platforms
  • Posting on forums in industries related to the content
  • Monthly progress reports
Result Oriented Optimization

We, at DesignSkulls possess the capability of accomplishing and meeting your needs within promised timelines. Contact us for SEO needs and avail best services at competitive prices.

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