Negative Reviews Hurting You?

Reputation is something that an individual or the organization as a whole earns from the clients or the outside people. When we talk about online reputation, we mean to say about the search result that pops up when the company’s website is searched for over the internet. If you observe closely, you can see that reputation of any form, be it positive or negative, has the power to affect the company or the individual. Every company wishes to have a website that has a positive reputation among the people. Negative reputation has the power to bring down businesses or to completely stop the existing and the potential customers from doing business with the company.

DesignSkulls has rich experience in handling cases where we had to work with companies in eliminating the negative reputation that they have earned in the recent times. Be it any type of content, the text or the images on the website, every single thing has the power to turn tables for the companies. This is one of the reasons why at DesignSkulls we make sure that our clients’ websites are of high quality and functional.

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What People are Saying About Your Business?
Our 1-2-3-4 Process

Designskulls experience of working with companies has helped in providing efficient ORM services to the clients in the best way possible. Summing up our ORM services, our methodology include:

1. Investigation: We analyse the current reputation that your company has and try to research and find the root cause for the problems.

2. Strategy: We try to decide which of our services would have a positive effect in building the reputation for you.

3. Implementation: We start to create the original content for your website after getting the client’s approval and try to eliminate the damaging content from the website after we have provided you with a new and relevant domain name.

4. Maintenance: We keep tabs on your new content and the progress it has been making along with keeping the negative content away from the search list.

Help from DesignSkulls

Our previous works with Online Reputation Management serves as an example for the quality of service that we offer to our clients. We are methodical and when it comes to reputation management, we try to find the root cause of all the problems and the rumours that has engulfed the company. This helps us to chart out solutions and services that the companies can take up to counteract the negative reputation. All in all, DesignSkulls provides a complete new website for the company after eliminating all the negative content. We also provide you with a new domain name, to make sure that all the negative content gets removed from the search option on the website.

Why one need ORM?

About 58 percent of people do online research before purchasing a particular product, up from 49 percent in 2004.

Found Something Fishy on Google?

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