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In the previous days, websites had the content that was developed using the basic HTML or PHP code. This is also one of the reasons why you might find the content on such websites bit primitive than the present day sites.

Needless to say, with the entry of advanced software and methods like Content Management System (CMS), companies are now able to come up with functioning websites that have powerful content to show to the people.

These Open Source Platforms have given us the opportunity to deliver Robust, Responsive and Effective Websites.

Glance of Our Development Services below.

Website Design & Development Services
Effective Web Development Services.

CMS Development For a website that works wonder!

DesignSkulls can help you get the best in the market when it comes to CMS development. Our CMS team works along with your creative team and can help you come up with a powerful and working content for your existing website. CMS package offered by us covers everything that is considered essential to develop and maintain the website. Take a look at the following and choose the best today.

Impressive CMS Stats

Research has indicated that more than 18% of the web content makes use of CMS or OpenSource Platforms for their blogs, portals and enterprises.

Also, about 69% of the companies make use of CMS for web development purposes.

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eCommerce Websites The best way to make money online!

The world has gone online. Advancements in technology have made it possible for the ecommerce sites to thrive in this world. If you see, nearly every single thing has now gone online. Right from purchasing dresses and groceries to booking tickets for the movies and fixing up doctor appointments, everything has now been made into an online portal.

This is also the reason why companies are now looking out to develop ecommerce websites for their business, to make sure that their potential clients notice them. Needless to say, companies that do not have an ecommerce site to their name, seems to be less noticed than the others that have such a website.

DesignSkulls is methodical in its approach to developing ecommerce websites. We make sure that we never leave anything behind or unfinished, especially when it deals with the growth and the future of our clients’ company. As an expert in this field, we know exactly what suits your business the most.

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eCommerce Sites

Mobile Sites Promising mobile friendly websites for your customers!

The world is constantly changing and along with it, the requirements and the specifications of the people have also changed. This can be seen from the evolution of the telephone to the present day handheld devices like smartphones and tablets.

Today, the person can access nearly everything on smartphone, even the websites, provided they have the required internet connection. The increased use of smartphones has now led companies and businesses to come up with mobile friendly websites and content that their customers can access. Needless to say, such handheld devices have now made it possible for the clients of the companies to access the products and services that are available with them.

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Mobile Websites

One thing that you need to keep in mind is that, a Responsive Design for a website is always welcomed by the customers and thus, DesignSkulls helps you to deliver the same for your clients. As is the case, it can be noted that, about 60% of people are now on the lookout for businesses or products that is available to them within a short period of time. The following will help you decide how DesignSkulls differs from the rest, when it comes to developing mobile sites for the companies.

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Landing Pages Turn your visitors into potential leads for your business!

Landing pages have been developed to serve one single purpose. These pages help in tracking down potential leads from the list of customers who visit the company’s website. These landing pages track the activity of the person and get their information from the website that they visit. This is more or less the entry page for the website that the customer has to pass through when they access the website. Every company will have its customers to sign up for the website, for them to access various web pages. This way, the company can keep track of the people who are accessing the website and also to check the level of traffic that they can achieve from these actions.

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Landing Pages
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