Our Website Design Process

Wondering how we efficiently custom design the websites?

Here is the step by step process that we follow at Designskulls:
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(1) Discover:

In the discover stage, we would be collecting the required information that we need to design your website. We start by getting to know about the services and products that you provide to your clients, your target audience and the goal with which the company was started. This step will help us in designing the right website for your clients that not only looks good, but is also functional.

(2) Design
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It is time to get creative in this step. We decide the colours, typography, texture and the type of pictures that we need to add to the website, especially those which would connect with your target audience. Ideas will be discussed with you and in turn we give you the opportunity to exchange your ideas with our designers, so as to eliminate the unnecessary things and to finally decide on a working model.

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(3) Develop

After the design has been finalised, we hand over the reins to the developers. They get down to the work of developing a fully functional website from the model that we lay out to them. Elements like responsiveness, user interface, CMS and shopping carts are added to the website and made functional. The site is tested at each step before completing the development of the website.

(4) Deploy
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After the testing is over and you are satisfied with the output, we go ahead and take care of the hosting of your website, creating and registering the domain name for your website, tackle your FTP and provide you with your own URL name.

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(5) Delight

Once we hand over the website and everything is done, we are still there just in case you feel that you are stuck somewhere. We will be always at your service, whenever you need!

Continued Maintenance & Optimization Available

Website Maintenance

Give your website the regular attention that it needs and make sure to prevent any security risks, data loss, or broken links. Also insure that your website will render properly on different browsers and withstands all the constant updates.

Search Engine Optimization

Appear in the first page of search results for targeted searched keywords and phrases and attract new visitors to your website that can turn into new potential business.

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