Budgeted Banner Ads

Banner Ads have roped in the much needed business for any company when a client visits their website. Designskulls goes the extra mile to design and create the right banner ad for your business in the most affordable way possible. Having served several clients from the time we started our services, we have had years of experience in designing the perfect banner ad that works wonders for your company.

Banner Types

Banner Ads can be broadly classified into following categories:

Static Banners

As the name suggests, the static banner ads are not responsive and they do not have any form of animated images. These banners contain simple texts and links that the client can read and access.

Animated GIF Banners

These animated GIF banners have minimal animation in its preview. For instance, these banner ads will contain texts and symbols or logos flashing now and then when your client accesses your website.

Flash Banners

The flash banners are completely animated and keep flashing whenever your client accesses the website. Due to this particular aspect, these ads are better suited for laptops and computers.

HTML 5 Banners

The HTML5 banners are coded using the HTML 5 language and they can be used on any device, be it the laptop, computer or even mobile devices.

Responsive Mobile Banners

These responsive mobile banners are versatile in function and can resize themselves depending upon the device on which you view them. These banners are designed using HTML5 to make sure that you can access them on your mobile devices.

Expandable Banners

These expandable banners have been designed in such a way that you can zoom in all the details on the ads when you hover over the banner using your mouse. This provides better visibility for the users.

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